Small Bites Shared Delights

In Italy, every meal is a celebration to share with family and friends. Italian tapas are on the menu at Osteria, starting from $78 per plate.

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A Feast of Japanese Delights

Celebrate Japan’s culinary culture with a gorgeous Japanese dinner buffet, delectably priced from $559 per guest this January and February at Bistro on the Mile.

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Spice Up Your Winter

A hint of fiery Asian spice is just the ticket to a comforting meal on a cold day. Join us for a journey through Asia with a sumptuous Lunch Buffet, priced from $309 per guest this January and...

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Beer and Bar Bites The Perfect...

Raise a glass and unwind with local craft beers and the best from master German brewers, starting from $58. Cold beer, delicious bar bites and good company at Hari’s, where every pint is a fresh...

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The Heat Is On

Claypot comfort. Instant warmth. A Hong Kong tradition tailor-made for winter, starting from $118 and sizzling for lunch at Loong Yuen.

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Fired Up for Chinese-Style Oysters

Premium oysters are a warming delight at Loong Yuen, prepared with Chinese culinary flair starting from $198 on a cold winter evening.

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