A Date with Sake

Fan of sake, rejoice! Hari's Bar reveals seven latest Japanese sake cocktails this spring. Japanese sake is paired with a variety of liquors to create fresh and sweet cocktails with a light, floral...

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Eat like royalty - Artichokes

Artichoke was considered the aristocratic ingredient in last century. Even the Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, was fond of it. This spring, Osteria proudly presents the special menu of...

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British Brown Crab Festival

British Brown crabs are prized for their rich and succulent meat whereas Hokkaido scallops are world-famous for their sweet flavours. Now is your chance to experience them both at Bistro on the Mile....

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A Taste of Asia

Bistro on the Mile presents the tantalizing tastes of Southeast Asia featuring cuisines from Thailand, Vietnam, India, Korea, Taiwan and many more to indulge your Asian food cravings Date: 1 Jan -...

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Discover the Piedmont black truffle

Indulge in wonders of the Piedmont black truffle at Osteria. Chef Paolo has prepared an exquisite menu complete with black truffle roast beef carpaccio and a melt-in the middle roast veal tenderloin....

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Luxurious Dried Seafood Indulgence

Known as "the symbol of prosperity", dried seafood is always featured in Chinese New Year dishes. Chef Bun has meticulously prepared an exquisite dried seafood claypot menu featuring abalone, fish...

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